In a forfaiting you sell the receivables from your export business to us or to one of our financing partners. This allows you to offer longer payment terms and receive liquidity directly after billing and you do not have to wait for your customer to pay. You will receive up to 95% of the order value on presentation of the invoice and accompanying documentation within a few days of the request via our platform.

The handling of forfaiting is particularly easy and can be done both before and soon after completing the deal with your international client. The sooner you involve us in negotiating the terms of payment, the better conditions we can offer you. Often we can grant your customer longer payment terms and at the same time guarantee the highest possible payoff value to you.

As part of the forfaiting we also handle the application for an export credit insurance for you. You assign these to us or one of our financing partners upon completion of the forfaiting. This improves security and conditions for all stakeholders, especially for exports to emerging markets.